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Menu Details

$11 Meal preps- 1 Protein, 1 Starch. 1 Vegetable or $10 for 8 or more (Small portions)

$17 Lunch Meals1 Protein, 1 Starch, 1 Vegetable, Dessert based on a monthly menu
(Medium Portions)
$25-$30 Weekends Dinners 2 Protein, 2 sides, Dessert Base on a monthly menu
(Large portions)

We cater for all events, call for special pricing. Serving service available, pick-up or delivery
$30 per person under 100 guests
$25-person 100 or more guests
2 protein, 2 sides, 1 salad, Dinner bread
$3.00 more per person for Prime meats: Brisket, oxtails, Ribeye steaks etc.

Egg Rolls $25 Per Doz Shrimp, Chicken, Steak or Crab

Extra sides:
Full trays-$125 feeds up to 40 guests
Half trays -$65 feeds up to 18 guests
Cabbage, asparagus, sweet corn, collard greens candied yams, potato salad, macaroni & cheese
And more.



Peach cobbler, Banana pudding - $6 Mini, $60 half tray, $90 full tray
Cakes $45- 9" or any Bundt cake or $70- 12 "Red velvet, 7-up, key lime, Louisiana crunch
Pies $6 Mini, $15- 9" sweet potato, pecan pie
Homemade Toffee $25 per Pound

Light bulbs $10 - $15

Pick your color! We customize for every event!

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